Sanna Charles & Mark Wagner

Sanna Charles: Photographer & Drummer in S&M
Mark Wagner: Editor & Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter in S&M

Ediiton of 250

S&M is a music project by Sanna Charles and Mark Wagner. In 2013 they released sha•man with independent publishers Ditto Press to respond to their collaborative understanding that music sounds best when accompanied by a sensory universe. The release functions both as a photography book and a 10" record of S&M’s music on which one side is improvised, one is written and rehearsed. S&M try to maintain this ratio in all their recorded music. The photographs are a series of landscapes and sculptures by Sanna Charles, the marks are organic in nature, they are alive, and once photographed they are permanent. The images are instinctive; they are about scale and symmetry and in some cases illusion.

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