Marta Leite
Language is an Invisible Landscape

Design: Marco Ugolini

Collaborators: Yasmim Assade, Freja Bäckman, Jóhannes Benediktsson, Emilie Bernard, Hyeisoo Kim, Gaelle Kreens, Catarina Laranjeiro, Marta Leite, Barbara Marcel, Dídio Pestana, Eirik Sordal, Benedikt Terwiel, Marco Ugolini, Francisca Villela, Mário Gomes & Elisa Balmaceda, Mariana Caló & Francisco Queimadela.

Edition of 70

“Language is an Invisible Landscape” is a publication I developed at the artists' residence SIM in Reykjavik (Iceland ) 2013 in which I deal with language and landscape. It presents a collective research on the history that is implicit in words and the impact they have on personal and / or social relationships. The project takes the word “dawn” as its starting point, contrasting it with its own meaning when said in various languages, while taking into account the political, historical and subjective factors that have contributed to its shaping. It explores to which extent how words contain in themselves the way societies perceive their own environment, asking whether words influence our perception of things in a similar way light does. Landscape was the formal element through which I pursued this line of inquiry.

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