Maia Gusberti

Edition of 10

2 Books, B&W, Birzeit/Ramallah

UN-Resolutions was developed in Palestine 2009. The 2 Books contain each 224 UN-Resolutions concerning Israel/Palestine over 224 fotocopied A4 Sheets. The Project examines the absurdity of the word 'Resolution‘ which contains in itself the term 'Solution‘, a contradiction in relation to the conflict in the Middle East. Here the term UN-Resolutions is linked to the 'Image Resolution‘. The more points an image contains, the more information it delivers. The bigger the grids point the less information it contains. The image shows the landing strip of the Qalandia Airport, a symbol for the freedom of movement. It refers to a time where mobility was possible for Palestinians. Today Jerusalem Airport is closed. Its landing strip ends with the biggest checkpoint in the Westbank - the Qalandia checkpoint.

Each page contains a UN-Resolution from between 1947 and 2009 and a text.Over the 224 pages the images dissolves in points. 2 photocopied Books, A4.

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