Glen Jamieson
with Jonathan P. Watts and Traven T. Croves
Tombland Drift

Edition of 250

Tombland Drift began online as an archive-in-motion, migrating to the form of the book, the exhibition, and slideshow performance.

‘Tombland’ – Scandinavian for ‘empty space’ – is an Anglo-Saxon site in Norwich, UK, where all roads into the city once intersected. Proceeding from this central empty space, Jamieson marks out the city into eight territories for visual inquiry, walking out or in, moving anticlockwise one after another. All photographs were taken as found in daylight hours between Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014.

As a book, presented in an unbound, folded, and collated format, the archive is formalised into narrative journeys, sequenced in relation to the eight directions of inquiry. Tombland Drift folds out for viewing: its sequence can be rearranged and displayed differently alongside an index of image-facts and a commentary that issues positively from the journeys, offering swirling counter-narratives, above, below, and beyond what is merely apparent.

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