Daniel Reuter
History of the Visit

Edition of 50, first edition
Edition of 500, second edition

I began work on this project in the beginning of winter 2012, after having recently relocated to Iceland and during a period in my life marked by profound personal transitions. Setting out on daily trips to the Icelandic countryside to photograph, I was primarily seeking quiet and solitude to reflect on my current life situation.

“History of the Visit” has become a lot more introspective than I ever anticipated, outlining not a concrete, geographical place but rather a personal, imagined zone, where paths lead to nowhere and artificial structures keep on existing, bereft of purpose.

This series of images doesn’t offer a clear account of what was going through my mind at the time, but rather fills a gap where words become insufficient. I am interested in this photographic abstraction of thought, where landscape is decontextualized and becomes a canvas for an inner topography.


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